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National NP Week - 2010

Posted over 8 years ago by Michelle Karns

Everyday Heroes … Nurse Practitioners is the theme for the 2010 National NP Week, November 7 - 13. Use this occasion to celebrate the vital role that NPs play in bringing high-quality, cost-effective, comprehensive, patient-centered, personalized healthcare to all populations of the United States.

It is hard to believe that nearly 10 years have gone by since David Letterman returned to his television show after cardiac bypass surgery and introduced the NP and the nurse who cared for him, proclaiming them as “the real heroes of medicine.”

NP Week provides a great opportunity to showcase the many ways that NPs are heroes to their patients and to let others in your community know about NP-delivered healthcare.

The resource guide can help you plan and execute a successful week building awareness of the NP and shaping a perception in the minds of the general public about the advantages of choosing an NP as their healthcare provider.

This guide should be considered a starter kit to help you think creatively about ways to celebrate the many contributions NPs make to patients seen and communities served.


Components of the guide are:

  1. Suggested community activities

  2. Suggested activities through AANP partnerships with national groups and organizations

  3. Sample proclamation

  4. Sample news release

  5. Media Interview Guide

  6. Eight scripted radio public service announcements

  7. NP Facts sheet

  8. NP Week posters that can be downloaded and printed locally

Please let us know how you celebrate this week so we can share your stories in a future publication. Submit articles (300 word maximum) and photos electronically to editor@aanp.org. Review the resource guide and contact AANP if you have any questions.

Plan now to make NP Week 2010 an event to remember